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Types Of Anestesia In Thailand,Not Same Then In Europe?


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one questions,to the medicine man,last year,i got anestesia in pattaya before operation,but it was not same then here in europe,your feel quickly tiered and fail into deep sleep,but in bangkok hospital,i see all the people in the operation room,then it was,like the stop the recall,and the remembering in the brain!

all people,from one secound to the other,disapear in the room,i always see a emty room,hear nothing cannot move,but think to my self,why the let me alone,why no one coming for operation,was like,to stop,the last recall you have before you fall to sleep ,very strange!,got around 7 operation in my life,like this never happen before,is the medicine that use for this,not the same,then here in europe?

after i weak up,i feel not good maybe one hour

in europe,feel very bad and diziness coming,for around 4-5 hour,until the injection against pain was finish,what other type of anestesia exists?

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I think it is not as much a question of different anesthestics in use here than in Europe but rather of (1) a lot of newer anesthetic agents becoming available than before and (2) different procedures carrying different anesthetic needs.

It sounds like your most recent operation may have been done under "deep sedation" rather than general anesthisia. in this they often use drugs that affect recall. It is done in the West too, but more than in the past so surgeries done longer ago were less likely to be done that way.

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