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No Visa Runs

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As I understand it you have to report every 90 days no matter what Visa you have, as for "visa runs", that would entirely depend on what type of visa you have , but if it requires you to leave the country and re-enter each 90 days, then I suspect whatever you are doing now by paying every month not to do it is probably illegal.

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from your post it is not clear what kind of visa you have.

As other said already there is no legal way to stay for THB 2,500.-/month.

You either have a One Year Multiple Entry Visa from a Thai Embassy , which means that you have to do every 90day a visa run, or you have a yearly extension from a local immigration office, that would mean that you have to report every 90days your residency.

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i have a b visa from the uk and have a work permit(5 years allready)some people have to do visa runs,but some do not as they pay more tax,but not sure how much,i know i would still have to report to imagration every 90 days,i just dont want to do the visa run anymore.my account wants 7000b a month but other people i speak with only pay4000b!

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You are talking about extension of stay from Immigration which has nothing to do with any accountant. Your company must qualify (having tax payment records - which if five years old yours will have) and you have to make a minimum salary per nationality as below. There are salary exceptions for teachers and some other jobs. You obtain this by taking basically the same paperwork you use to obtain a local area one year non immigrant B visa along with financial proof of income to immigration and fill out TM.7 extension of stay form requesting one year extension for fee of 1,900 baht.

Nationality Minimum Income

1. European countries (except Russia), Australia

continent, Canada, Japan, and U.S.A. Baht 50,000/month

2. South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong Baht 45,000/month

3. Asian countries (except Japan, South Korea,

Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cambodia,

Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam), South America

continent, Countries in Eastern Europe, Countries in

Central America, Mexico, Turkey, Russia and South


Baht 35,000/month

4. African countries (except South Africa), Cambodia,

Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam Baht 25,000/month

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