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First Time Visit To Bankok


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hi all,

me along with friends are gonna visit to Bangkok this mid of October from 13th till 21st, so waned to know where is the cheapest place to stay there and also should be near to the main market, because the main purpose of our visit is to have the best wine and dine from the locals, and also experience some ancient historic places have and also enjoy the night party, as myself is a type of party animal, so if anybody knows anything about please help me out a bit.

waiting for the replies.

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loads of good inexpensive hotels around kao san rd area ( banglampoo) loads of tours, returaunts, bars, easy to get to pratunam in a tuk tuk for around 80 baht. or a metre taxi for around 120 baht. i allways stay in kao san rd. pratunam is thee best place for shopping and markets in thailand ! taxi from suwamaphumi airport to kao san road is about 400 baht, just go down to ground leven after exiting immagration and walk out onto road and flag a cab down. all the rest of taxi,s will probably try to charge you 1.200 baht or more.


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