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Internet (Adsl) In Rural Areas Are Expanding?


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My wife's village is about 9-10 km from Ban Kruat, Buriram city center. Normally there is no ADSL and no telephone lines (everybody use cellphone). When we asked them like 2 or 3 months ago, they told us it is possible if we pay for DSL field box + cost of everything. Which is normally divided to 10 or 20 people (No one is rich or stupid enough to pay 50-80k baht alone).

Recently, they agreed to place a field box that contains ADSL ports to the village entrance. They asked like minimum 5 or 6 persons (or 8, not sure). And today they will install phone line and adsl. This is faster and better than I can ever imagine. Although I'm not living in that village, I couldn't stay for long time when we visit the family due to lack of internet.

If you are in a similar position, I recommend you to gather some people who want adsl in the village and let somebody (preferrably a respected person) talk with TOT.

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