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Obtaining Thai Driving Licence:experience

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Djinn reckons an International License is needed to avoid any written tests....a national license (in my case from Australia)

Ned please read what has been posted before, it's self explanatory. An international licence is no good what so ever UNLESS it is substantiated with a licence from the issuing country, they go hand in hand. i.e. if you have an accident and produce your international licence you will also have to produce your regular licence from that country as well! It is not a "stand alone licence"

You are one of the lucky ones, you are in Chiangmai, and there is only one central licencing department. That is the Dept. of Lands and Transport, and is situated on the Hang Dong Road about three kilometres past Lotus supermarket, you cant miss it, unless you can't read Thai. The signs are all in Thai, but it's the only set of official looking buildings on the Hang Dong Road at that distance.

Go in and walk up to the first floor, which is where all the licences are issued. If you have all the necessary paperwork, and your current Australian licence, you will not be required to take any test other than a colour test.

A friend from New Zealand did it the other day, and only had to pick red from green......Pretty simple really. 105 Baht for the first licence, and you can wait for it! What could be simpler than that?

If you have any problems, mail me and I will be only too pleased to take you down there, and get your licence. Shit, what more an a bloke say?

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