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Tap Timers Or Solenoid Water Valves

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Any cheap local sources ??

I had quite a nice herb garden and things started but a radically increased travel schedule has killed them off this dry season.. I would like to step up my kitchen garden but unless I put in an automated irrigation system the same thing is only going to happen again.

I have had a look and there's plenty of kit for misters, drip systems etc but it all needs manual control. With a basic tap timer, or any solenoid valve where I could wire in my own cheap timing circuit, I think I can set up what I need.

Any of the usual places global house, index, etc carried anything ?? or more out there like RS Thailand etc ??

Any ideas ??

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The Super Products company based in Bangkok carries a range of solenoid and automatic valves.


On the left column are some tabs for several pages of timers.

The main distributor for Super Products in Chiang Mai is Global House but they do not seem to keep any timers in stock. Suggest you order what you want from the company and have them send it to you, only takes a day or two.

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