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Selfmade Wine? Legal limits?

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Hi to all wine lovers,

One of my main hobbies in Germany was making wine from any kind of fruits from grape to honey. As I moved about 8 years ago to Thailand I left a lot of crap back, but my equipment for homemade Wine I took with me. It was laying for a long time in the box stored and now my wife discovered it and got interest how that works.

I have heard that it is not allowed to brew your wine in Thailand unless you pay a ton of tax..

I would make about 20 liters per year depending what fruit is good for it. (Actually every fruit is good but I don't want to get into troubles so I'll limit it to just say 20 liters)

Anybody has made good or bad experiences with making your own brew?

Thanks for any reply on it, if there is only a limit and not a total ban, we might getting an interest group together, I am open for compartitions because I know, my wine is the best ;-)



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As far as we know, even homebrewing/distilling at home activities are illegal:

We have all seen Thais drinking their homemade rice wine at weddings or while relaxing in the countryside and the ubiquitous Bangkok corner side or rolling cart Yaa Dong sellers with containers of some concoction of herbs like ginseng, plaonoi, tree bark and vodka or whiskey. That is why expats and Thai nationals are always shocked when they find out that it is illegal to produce and/or sell alcohol in Thailand without a license. The Thai Government authorizes local governments to regulate alcohol production and sale under the Health Code. Local Government Rules 112 Section 58 NDOR, enacted 20thof July 1995, ‡15 provides that individuals cannot produce or sell alcohol without a license from the Thai Government. There is no exception in the law for personal consumption. While the law is obviously not enforced with any vigor in Thailand it is still against the law and those that engage in such activity are always in jeopardy of being caught.



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