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Crazy glue ?


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where to get good glue or crazy glue to adhere sole back to my GOOD tennis sneakers ,that are behaving good at the moment thank u

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Don't know if Crazy Glue would work on sole of sneaker. It's not flexible blink.png

Fixing kids shoes which are always coming apart I use that contact adhesive where you coat both (clean) surfaces wait for a few moments then stick it together.

Great smell and works a treat. thumbsup.gif

I have also used Latex adhesive that comes in little white plastic bottles to repair shoes, but with that you have to hold the mend together at least overnight, longer is better.


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Or take your shoes to one of the many repair shops and get them to do it for less than the price of the glue. There's a very good one just North of Wat Phnom. Go along St 47 for two block and it's just left in the intersecting St. I think it's St 88.

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