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New Nightclub Opening in Phnom Penh - Code Red


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I heard through the grapevine that a new club is opening at Riverside in PP on Jan 16th - the name is Code Red, and it is supposed to be featuring international DJ's

Anyone have more info on this? Line up is supposed to be quite good according to one of their guys I bumped into the other day.

I won't post the link here, but easy to search for their FB page.


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Should be a good new club, and will provide an alternative to Pontoon and HOD....it was supposed to open months ago, but they have been delayed for a number of reasons. They are (or were) going to implement a dress code (no singlets/wifebeaters/vests, flip flops/thongs/jandals or jasmine/fishermans pants) so should keep the majority of bottom feeders and sexpats out, lol.

Pontoon has provided a pretty decent line-up of well known international guest DJs in the past, so will be good to see what Code can produce. The term "international DJ" is thrown around alot in Cambodia, which is usually misleading because it more often than not just means an expat/tourist who DJs in their bedroom and at friends parties! LOL

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