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SafeT Cut colour coding


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Power went off. Went down stairs to visually check all the breakers, they were all up, Safe T cut was showing green. Ok I thought out with the generator and plug in the fan and TV.

About 20 mins later wife comes back and says the neighbour's electricity is on.

Upon closer (on a chair) examination when the safe T cut switch is next to the green arrow it is off. Completely different to any motor control i have aver seen . Red is on.

Just in case anyone else has safe T cut and the power goes off.

All back on now and working fine.

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On my Safe-T-Cut red is blown breaker if on the breaker or direct (not used/bypass) if next to the sensitivity switch. It is not proper operation to have red on my unit. But admit if mounted above head you can see some of the red of breaker when it is actually not tripped.

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For just about all circuit breakers and safety cut-outs the up position is 'on' if it's down indicates tripped or off.

Probably designed this way as safer due to gravity.

The numerals 0 for off and 1 for on is now the internationally accepted method for rather than using words or colours.

This is opposite of most conventional switches where up is usually the off position.

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