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Education visa process

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I've been accepted to study at University for one year in Bangkok. Currently I'm on a tourist visa which will expire on 28th June. My course will start on 11th August. Will the start day of my education visa be the day my course starts, or can I get it issued straight after my tourist visa expires?

I've just been doing a bit more reading and some posts are saying that for study at University, you can convert the tourist visa to an education visa without leaving the country. Any knowledge about this?

Thanks for any help!

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Is it your visa that expiring on June 28th or the 60 day entry you got that is running out? The visa expiration date does not matter unless you have entries remaining on it.

You have to do two things to get a one year permit to stay.

First you will need a non immigrant visa entry that can then be extended for one year.

You can go out for an non-ed visa at a nearby embassy or consulate that will give you a 90 entry. This you could possibly do before your classes start in August with the required documents. Then during the last 30 day apply for a one year extension of stay.

Or you apply for a change of visa status at immigration to get a 90 day non immigrant visa entry then apply for the extension. I don't think immigration will do this earlier than August if it can be done at all. You should check with the university about this possibility,

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