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Building a CNC engraver / printer now , what software is easy to learn to design parts to make ?


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I bought a used CNC engraving machine the other day , it was built in the 1980s , very heavy / strong but the electronics are missing.

So we are just using the XYZ table and the stepper motors plus the heavy base,

right now the idea is to use a Ramps 1.4 control board like a 3D printer uses , the Techie knows more about this than I do,

We plan on using it as an engraver / CNC mill and then changing the head to a 3D extruder printer head.

there is only 2 inches of clearance on the base so that will limit what we can print or cut ......

Anyway my Techie has the old stepper motors working off the control board , and will have it all working next week

now the problem is "What software" is easy to use to design some things to print and machine ?

I have a windows 7 laptop , I know a little but not much ,

So what free/cheap program is easy to use and has tutorials on YouTube etc

is Google Sketcher something easy to learn ?

Also has anyone built a large scale color printer or T shirt printer ???? that might be another use for this

or a lazer cutter :)

Anyway let me know what you have done with small scale CNC stuff , maybe we can all learn something

the machine will have an SD card slot to run the file from....

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