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UK DVLA Theory test

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Hi, My Thai wife has now been taking driving lessons in the UK for 12 months now and she is ready for taking the test, The issue is, She cannot learn the theory test, Or maybe to lazy to learn the theory. She has the Theory software on her laptop, but its rare that she gets the laptop out.

Is there a easy way for thai people to Learn the theory in order to do the test, If there was some software in Thai/English, then that could make it easier.

Any tips and anyone who has had a similar experience with there wifes/husbands learning the theory .


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Your wife did well, My wife did 2 crash course's in Thailand 2 years ago driving around Yasothon and supermarket car parks in Pattaya while we were on holiday, she thought she was a good driver until she got in a car in the UK. I think it may have to come down to studying the book, the driving instructor tried to teach her on her tablet, but gave up.

You would think there would be some software out there to make learning like fun and she could take it in better.

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I can only relate to 2004 and at that time my wife had been in the UK for nearly a year and we realized that soon she wouldn’t be able to drive on her Thai license. At that time she was nearly fifty and had been driving all her adult life over here … and probably before! Yes, she did pass first time, her instructor actually sat in the back of the car during the test but wasn't allowed to interfere. The practical question was how do you check the oil level? In the car that we had at the time you just turned on the ignition and it showed you the level ... easy question!

Her english wasn’t great at that time (English lessons weren't available in the first year so just self study) and of course the questions are full of negatives, difficult for Thais … this Yes-No confusion. Anyway for six weeks almost solid she learnt the Highway Code and practiced the questions. During this time she had six lessons with an instructor in our car.

Basically had to correctly learn roundabouts, joining a major road from a slip road, reversing by looking over her shoulder and making reasonable progress. And of course no cutting in as is the Thai Way ... she learnt that very quickly! Only tried it once , driving down the outside of a queue and then found out that no one would let her in.

Hazard Perception isn’t that easy either, when I tried I never got full marks!

So your wife will unfortunately have a rude awaking … practice, practice, practice Highway Code questions is the only way. There is no buying a license in the UK!! Good Luck.

Unfortunately now she can’t renew her UK license, neither can I renew mine.

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