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most cleanest and polite thai or frang girls


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my vote is on thai girls

always clean washing hair and dresses with a nice smell nails always clean

non smokers rare to see tattoos or studs

when passing elderlywill bow in respect and offer seat to them

frang girls rarely wash hair and cloths or clean nails only paint to cover dirt

tattoos wherever can fit one rings and studs in every orifface on body

very polite /?always f this f that smoke anywhere ignorant to signs

give elderly a seat no want to take 2 or 3 seats to themselfs

and smell like just came out of bufflo paddy with there ring in nose

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whilst i agree that Thai girls/ ladies do seem to make much of personal hygiene and looks (image)

i quote from my experience of wife and 3 daughters youngest being 20 years of age,

i think your info about far rang girls/ ladies is totally inaccurate and maybe somewhat biased

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