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A good reason for me to be in Thailand at Christmas.

Max in Udon

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I was reading an article on the BBC World News site, and they were talking about people who worked at Christmas in the UK. My attention was drawn to the prices being asked for a Christmas Dinner. It is now 8 years since I was last in the UK, and it appears that prices have risen through the roof.

Here in Udonthani I will be taking my wife out for a tradional Christmas Dinner..........3 courses with wine, for 790 baht.

''The Min Jiang restaurant on the top floor of the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington is one of just a handful of Chinese restaurants open in London on Christmas Day.

Restaurant manager Wei Chun Lee says some customers visit on Christmas Day every year

Wei Chun Lee, its assistant manager, says that many staff are happy to work on the day.

The restaurant charges £90 a head for its Cantonese-themed Christmas Day menu, and a member of staff dresses up as Father Christmas, or as he is called in Cantonese - Sing Daan Lou Yan, which translates as Christmas Old Person.

Mr Lee adds: "We have 18 tables in the restaurant and they're fully booked every Christmas - half of them are local people and the other half are normally tourists.

Rebecca Davidson, manager at the Spread Eagle pub in Camden, has worked Christmas Day for the past five years.

Rebecca Davidson first started receiving bookings for Christmas Day back in the summer

A total of 43 people have booked for the pub's £64 Christmas lunch, planning for which began six months ago, when they first started taking bookings''

What are other members going to do for a Christmas dinner?




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