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Nation Group getting words of support from all regions


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Nation Group getting words of support from all regions
The Nation


BANGKOK: -- GROUPS AND figures in the North, South and Northeast yesterday came out in support of Nation Multimedia Group and expressed concern about a possible hostile bid by Solution Corner (1998) Plc and its affiliates to take over NMG, which includes The Nation newspaper, and how that may compromise editorial integrity.

"All NMG media are accepted as being professional in presenting news impartially. I offer my moral support |to NMG to overcome the crisis in order to retain the organisation that has been the voice of the people," said Withaya Krongsap, deputy chairman |of the Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce.

While it was legitimate for people to buy stocks of publicly listed firms, it should not include attempts to interfere with a media organisation's professional independence, he said.

Prakasit Promkingkaew, a mass communications lecturer at Chiang Mai University, said mass media should be free in order to present news impartially, but the buying up of NMG shares by groups could lead to the alteration of the role of NMG as a watchdog.

NMG was a credible media group at all levels of personnel. Any attempt to change that would hit the credibility and value of news presented by the group itself, he said.

In the southern province of Songkhla, local business representatives and fans of NMG led by Songchai Jirachotekamchorn, chairman of Hat Yai Pattana Group, offered flowers and moral support to NMG's southern regional news office.

Songchai said he's worried after hearing about the hostile takeover bid. It has caused a lot of confusion among avid followers of the group's various media outlets.

The move may lead to a loss of spirit among the executives of NMG and poses a threat to the media industry in general, as NMG media were credible national media.

People will stand by NMG and back the move to scrutinise the takeover bid, he said.

In the northeastern province of Khon Kaen, an anti-corruption group, businessmen and admirers of NMG met with the northeastern regional news desk of NMG and expressed support to NMG chairman Suthichai Yoon and its staff.

One said those wanting to take over NMG should consider the feelings of the public too.

Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/national/Nation-Group-getting-words-of-support-from-all-reg-30251688.html

-- The Nation 2015-01-12

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