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reentry permit for a six month absence from thailand

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next week i will apply for my first one year extension of a non imm O thai spouse

every thing seem under control, no problem

the plan for the next 5 years being spending a little under 6 months non stop in thailand and the rest of time working abroad with my wife and then keep using this non imm visa and extension

i will apply at the same time for a reentry permit , i have read here and there that it was possible without first hand confirmation

i see that on TM8 they ask the date of exit and entry , will that be a problem ?


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If you have an extension of stay there is no limit on how long you can be out of the country. You just have to behere to do your next extension.

Some offices will let you leave the dates blank because they mean nothing. If asked to put dates on it you can put any date you want to. There are no dates on the re-entry permit stamp other than it's expiration date which is the same as your permit to stay date.

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and then keep using this non imm visa and extension

You're using the re-entry permit and the extension of stay. The non-imm O will soon expire and is not renewed or extended beyond the date printed on the visa sticker. It's your permission to STAY IN Thailand that is being extended, not the visa.

Even if the visa were still unexpired, you would use the re-entry permit number on your arrival card, not the visa number. Using the visa to enter the country would kill your extension of stay.

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