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OneWorld Travel in Phnom Penh for Tourist Visa Assistance


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This is just a friendly recommendation for a travel agency in PP that my wife and I used back in January 2015. We saw their name mentioned elsewhere on ThaiVisa so we went to them when we were doing a visa run in Cambodia.

We were in a slightly tricky situation, as we have been in Thailand for 3 years back-to-back on the ED-visa (going to a Thai language school), and just needed tourist visas to stay for 2 months more before doing a lot of travel (also for 2 months) outside of Thailand. The biggest problem was that my wife's passport had too many prior tourist visas already, and we knew that would raise eyebrows at the Thai Embassy.

So, at OneWorld Travel (OWT), they really went all out for us - making extra phone calls, trying to reassure us when they could (we all were a bit nervous as to the outcome), and just in general being really nice about everything. A tiny example being not charging us anything for some extra photocopies.

Visa-wise, one thing that helped was that we already had plane tickets leaving Thailand (in early March). That was what got us through in the end.

So, much thanks to Ms. Chantha at OWT for all her help and kindness when we needed it!

One World Travel & Tours

#19Eo, St. 110 Phsar Chas, Sangkat, Wat Phnom, Phnom Penh

(855) 23-224-117 / 23-998-709

email: <removed>


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On the advice of this post I gave One World my business. Process was straight forward and the staff were courteous, allowing me to print out a couple documents and refusing to accept money for the convenience. Visa service cost: $4. Dropped off passport Monday, picked up Thursday afternoon.

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