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Cheap safe accommadation Sihanoukville


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When you arrive at Sihanoukville dont do what i did and listen to the Tuk Tuk drivers advice on accommadation, , they will take you to GBT and its terrible, i woke up to 30 khmers eating and throwing rubbish outside my room, 530 am.

I have found a place in the city i would advise any new arrivals to try , its cheap and quiet and clean and safe .phone number is (removed by Moderator - PM the OP if you want it)

It will save you from being overcharged as possibly ripped off.

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Why dont you share more about that place such a price, location, room etc.?

THe city is not exactly friendly for those who like the beach as transport is expensive in SHV.

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If you have a tuk tuk driver take you to accomodation they always get a cut, so it's likely to be more expensive for you by a couple dollars.

The prices in Sihanoukville change all the time, last time I was there it was very easy to get a good aircon ensuite room for 12 dollars in downtown,

the same was 18 dollars at Occheuteal, however fan rooms were available at Occheuteal for 10.

If you know where to go there are also 6 dollar fan rooms, but they did not have wifi.

Both the difference between aircon and fan rooms, and the tuk tuk and moto prices are ridiculous in Sihanoukville. You can however rent a motorbike for 5-6 dollars per day,

which is what I do.

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