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Cambodia Thai borders where Thai can cross with only an ID CARD and where you can cross with a car ?


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Thai cannot cross to Cambodia with only an id card at



But can you tell me where can Thai cross the Cambodian border with only an ID card ?


Also, where can a farang who own a car cross by driving into Cambodia ?

Actually I am looking for a border where I can drive my car and where some Thai without passport and no time to get one can also cross.




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Moved to the Cambodia forum.


Thais require a passport to enter Cambodia. The only exception is entry into border markets right up against the border, and that of course applies only in locations which have such.


The ID card entry is basically for vendors who sell in the market. It is not applicable to Thais wishing to go beyond the immediate border area. That requires a passport (though not a visa; Thais get 14 days visa exempt).


The same applies to Cambodians entering Thailand.


Please see separate thread on car entry, it is limited IIRC to just O'Smach and Hat Lek.





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Thank you, I was really thinking that just as it is the case with Laos, Thai could go to Cambodia with just an ID card.


And Thai going to casino at cambodian border also need to stamp their passport ?



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I am not sure re the casinos, in Aranyaprathet at least they are in a no man's land between the Thai and Cambodian immigration checkpoints so possible Thais would not need to stamp anything to go. But they cannot pass Cambodian immigration and enter Cambodia proper without a passport.

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3 hours ago, amjamj said:



Not allowed for foreigners, only Thai.





The thread is about Thai's


look at post #5, i then posted at #6

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