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Correcting Metadata


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Wow!  Seems like no one wants to touch this one.   Is this not a PC request?   (I'm serious -- and puzzled.)


Explanation:   I've just had some 500 of my own personal 35mm slides converted to digital format, (*JPGs), and am curious to know what they put in there.   And to be able to make corrections if warranted.


Does no one at TVisa do this?

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Don't know how you would change the metadata since it is normally hard coded to the JPG but if you just want to see what it is , just upload it to Google Photos and click on the info icon and it will give you the date and time that photo was taken and the size


You can edit the time and date information 


Here is the info I obtained from just a random pix I have on my desktop:




Or if you need more detailed information download Ifan View here:



Irfan View.png



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