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New (old) Nokia phones


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So i was browsing on the net & thought one of these would be a good buy since they are basic & reliable (for the wife), let alone cheap as there is no need for the bells & whistles 

But after I started to compare a couple of the Nokia makes 150 - 216 - 3310 I discovered that they were only 2G

So what is the point of these new (old) releases if they are not network connectable 

Am i missing something or was the browsing site wrong

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2G is indeed being phased out here in Thailand - DTAC gave me a free phone to get us off of 2G (Nokia).  There are still a lot of 2G users so up to now they have been delaying but expect most are not making the phone companies much money so as soon as they can face down the backlash expect they will cease service.  



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As backups I have got a couple of one of the later Nokia models, namely the Nokia Asha 302 which handles 3G. It is a Blackberry lookalike. One I bought at TukCom. There used to be one or two second-hand models on display last year at TukCom but whenever I asked about them I was told they were not for sale. 

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