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Onions for cooking Indian curries


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3 minutes ago, hathairat2711 said:

I have located a recipe for an Indian curry which calls for red onions.


Here in Bangkok I can only find white onions or shallots.  Would white onions be a good substitute although they would turn golden brown when frying as apposed to red onions turning pink? 

If the recipe is any good, would you mind sharing it?

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At this stage of the game, I'm only experimenting in making homemade Indian curries having obtained the most recent recipe one on YouTube.


Rather than making and using Indian base gravy, I am looking for alternative ways of making Chicken Vindaloo.  Others will follow.


This recipe calls for onions (I presume red) which when fried turn to pink.  I have all the other ingredients.


I will try and locate red onions at my local market.




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yellow onions work fine for curries, just use whatever is at hand...some places in the Middle East ye can't get yellow onions, just red ones...might be the same in India...red onions are milder and sweeter but when ye dose the mixture with the other spices ye can't tell the difference anyway...



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1 hour ago, Oxx said:

Just in case you find your red onions, this is how they cut them in India:





sheeed...that don't impress me much...the fiddly bit with onions is peelin' them and them onions are already peeled...


but I havta admit that the chopper chops faster than I do...I value the use of me whole fingers...


nice lookin' choppin' board with legs on...



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On 25/03/2017 at 2:29 PM, CharlieH said:

White onions will be stronger and sharper to taste, Red onions are softer and sweeter, usually have a good supply of red onions in Makro.


Yup, bought some today in Makro, they're even tagged on the printed label as "Indian Onions".


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red onions are available at every market in the country.  There are 2 types of shallots too, just ask for hom dang yai. 


The onion is the least of your worries if you are learning to cook curries from youtube. 

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just noticed that they have red onions available locally both at lotac and at the market, my regular veg vendor only offers yellow ones...I usually do a pot of curried beans every week (and some chapatis) and gonna havta do a taste test to see if there's any difference between the two...


as all curries usually get dosed heavily with cumin, tumeric, ground coriander and garam masala (optional) I doubt it...


presently got a pot of red bean rajma on the go made with yellow onions, quite nice using the dried flaked red chile that they got around here instead of chile powder, the hot spiciness is not as harsh, recommended...down to my last chapati and gonna havta make another batch soon...


'the last chapati'...sounds like the apocalypse...



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  • 1 month later...

just used a red onion in a pot of green split pea dhal and it's quite good...did everything else the same for the dhal (using locally available yellow split peas) but included 2 diced potatoes this time (see video)...



used my regular method, cook the peas separately then add to the tarka, this time with diced potatoes and simmered an extra 15mins...


they got red onions down the market now and I'll use them when I can find them for the bean curries...



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