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Alcatel Flash Plus 2 having a nervous breakdown


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I have an Alcatel Flash Plus 2. I bought it about a year ago (just after Sonkran after some clown drenched me and ruined my old phone) used it for a couple of months, and then stored it. I have now tried to use it again - however it seems to be having a nervous breakdown!

When you turn it on it displays "Android starting up, optimising x out of y aps.  y can be any number between 6 and 118. When it has finished it immediately sounds an alert, and displays a warning "  battery temperature low, disconnect from charger" - it is not connected to a charger. Unless you dismiss this alert very quickly it shuts down instantly. It is prone to suddenly shutting down any way, and when you try and restart it often freezes at the start up "flash" logo. After an hour or so it usually can be started, but begins with the optimising aps rigmarole again.


It is virtually unusable, which is a pity because in many ways it is rather a nice phone.


Does anyone have any ideas? I live in Chiang Rai and to my knowledge the nearest Alcatel service centre is in Bangkok. Being an idiot, I have lost the receipt and warranty paperwork.


I have tried a factory reset a couple of times.



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It sounds like its doing a couple of major android software updates, often software updates require the phone to be fully charged or on charge to complete. Try putting it on charge and turn on and let it complete the update. If its been off, like you say, for a long time, it may have a couple of updates to do. It may cycle through several reboots etc to complete.

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