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Non immigrant o visa, divorce... what are my options

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Hi wonder if anyone can help.. 

Been living in Thailand for 5 years, married to a Thai national that i had had known in the UK for 10 years.. we have two children.. basically we've been having a few issues in our relationship lately and just wanted to know what my options would be if we divorced visa wise.. do not want to leave my kids under any circumstances, so any ideas what could i do visa wise so i could stay here.. im currently here on a non immigrant O visa based on marriage... 

I so hope i doesnt come to this , but just exploring options if any just in case

Cheers Steve 

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If you have a multiple entry non-o visa issued by an embassy or consulate it will remain valid until it expires if you get divorced.

If you are on an extension of stay based upon marriage you got at immigration it ends on the date you get divorced.

If you were to get custody or your children from the divorce you could apply for an extension of stay based upon being the parent of a Thai.

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17 hours ago, gjoo888 said:

If you're 50 yrs. old, you could go for a retirement visa. The financial requirements are higher, at least 800,000 Baht in the bank or show that you receive at least 65,000 Baht per month income. 

It is not a Visa. It is an extension of permission to stay based on retirement.

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21 hours ago, stevomaesot said:

Thanks for the reply Ubonjoe

I have a single entry O visa, and can't see me getting custody... looks like my options will be limited.. 

Where and when did you obtain your single entry Non Imm O Visa.


If you've been living in Thailand for 5 years, I find it hard to understand why you should be on such a Visa.

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Although you may not want or get full custody, make sure the divorce agreement states you have joint custody. You can then obtain an extension based on visiting your kids, however criteria regarding x wife being present at immigration in the future differs from office to office in my experience. Financial requirements etc the same

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