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Life in Bueng Kan?


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What's living in Bueng Kan like? What's this area like in Thailand? Also, what's  the price of an apartment? Can you list some apartments? Are the apartments nice? Are there any veterinarians in the area that speak English? Is it a pet-friendly area? What's the price for fruits and vegetables? Or any other food? Can you list some places for shopping?  


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There are no pet friendly areas in Thailand, only pet friendly people. If you have never been here, be aware that strays are everywhere, dogs and cats. Fruits and Vegetables will be cheap (depending on where your frame of reference is). I would suggest Google as a better source for information, pull up Google Maps and drill down on the area and see what is available.

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I don't live in an apartment so I don't know how much they are but everything is about half of what you would pay in Bangkok. As for pets in an apartment, you would have to check with the owner.  There is a vet on the way to Si Wilia, don't know if they speak English, my Thai friend goes there.  On Tuesday and Friday mornings there is the Thai/Lao markets that is big and good exercise and on Friday and Saturday evenings from about 4pm along the Mekong Walking St., also there is Tesco Lotus which is like a mini shopping center and Macro.  If you would like to know any more PM me, I live near Bueng Kan.

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