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Affirmation UK Embassy


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Hi all,

Just looking for some advise on getting the Affirmation of freedom to marry from the UK embassy in Bangkok.

I was married before in Thailand and she came to the UK with me for a while. She didn't like it and had to go back to Thailand where she divorced me without my knowledge. 

I now wish to get married again in Thailand so I went to the local Amphor Office here in Phitsanulok to enquire about the divorce. I got a document titled Official Emblem Registration of Divorce and have had it translated into English. The document show Registration Office: Nam Som District       Province: Udon Thani but the court she used was Chon Buri Provincial Juvenile and Family Court.


My question is what do I write on the affirmation form underneath this part? If divorced, date and place of issue of decree absolute


Is this document ok to show the UK Embassy for the divorce?


And I read somewhere that you need 10 days left on your visa to get the affirmation. I will only have 9.


Thanks in advance


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