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Part Exchanging 5 year old C200 for GLA 250 at Merc dealer


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Anybody ever part exchanged their used Merc for a new car at a Merc dealership.


Just wondering what I could expect to be offered for mine or is it worth trying to sell private.


I have heard very good reports on the GLA 250 and believe now would be a good time for a change.


Many thanks.

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3 hours ago, colinchaffers said:

The resale of your old car is likely to be good (as long as its in good condition) but the trade in value is likey to be disappointing. Why don't ask them?

I suspect a private sale be better if you can find a buyer.

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Yes I think the trouble will be finding the buyer. I will go and ask at the dealer. Mercedes cars appear to be cheaper new than a few years ago. That in turn will mean my car will have depreciated more. I think the GLA 250 is very good value for Thailand.

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