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Doing business in China

Minnie the Minx

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I was reading an article about Trump and his association with doing business in China.

Good luck with that. Having lived there ( and in Shanghai and the South) I can tell you it's a narcissistic mess of a country full of petty, horrible, tribal people, looking to stab everyone in the back at all times.


There is no actual culture left, apart from bribery and pulling various scams. The 'pullers' of the scams are admired by all for being 'clever'. Virtually every city is the same drab Communist block meme with little defining it in any way special, save say Shanghai or Canton. As well as the culture drained from it there you go. The countryside is now grey and polluted and anything decent about it has been raped by those 'clever folks'.


No real mystery here for anyone who has lived in mainland China. It's the children of the 'Lord of the Flies' set loose in a library, but they already murdered everyone who could read. Expecting the world to marvel at how they built a chair after burning a house down, and it is a rubbish chair, that probably gives you cancer, it's basically the worse chair ever made and it smells of p**p. Every single business in China is the same thing over and over again, to the point where anyone with half a brain avoids doing business in China entirely. Trump is loving it. Because it has nothing of  of value to anyone other than China. 


And Chinese love their new p**py cancer giving  chair, and if you say otherwise you are a racist who hurt poor Chinese feelings.  Quit using the 5000 years of culture as a horrible excuse for behaviours and manners of the mainland Chinese cockroaches. People from Taiwan have had the same 5000 years of culture  and don't act like a bunch of tarded monkeys the way at least a plurality of mainlanders do.




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