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Swimming pool Attendants RUDENESS


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The other day I went to village pool, part of the service, and observed the attendant appear to speak in a racist tone towards the westerner couple.  The female pool attendant about 30s displayed unnecessary rudeness to a western couple that lives and pays association dues.  The rudeness was in the address toward the two people, and tone and language of rudeness.  The people looked at the women in disbelief and shaking their heads, turned around and left. 


Not sure what the cause was?  I heard something about taking off your shoes, before coming in the building (I think) but that seemed stupid as everyone was wearing their shoes as well, even the attendant.


I made a complaint to the association director in charge of the pool. She said there was nothing she would do as the woman was doing her job.  


Quite sad... It is not like this couple was impolite... I went and spoke to them afterward, they just said, they used the be calm, be strong, walk away, it is not worth in and they pick their battles...the only behaviors I observed was the dirty looks from the attendant.  No worries, they said, they would just go to the pool early in the am...when no one was around.


Generally when you go to the pool, if the shoes are outside, then you take your shoes off... No such protocol at this place.


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Careful...  in such situations there is always more to the story...  


.. they may have been upsetting people without knowing it... wearing the wrong type of swim shorts... anything... 


... Thai's tend not to have issue when no issue exists... then they can flare up about the simplest of things, but there is always an initial reason, the rest then depends on how it is handled or develops... 

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