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Transfer Property beewteen familly members HELP!!

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i want to transfer an older condo to my wifes name


i think an easy task ,due to the law that transfer property beewteen familly members is cheaper.


on the landoffice first they say yes ,after no.  this law would only apply to benefit of thai


not to foreigner ( even thai benefit from that)


has anyone an link to this law ..that it apply only to THAI to THAI  and not to FOREOGNER TO THAI


mean that foreigner excluded???


veven in landoffrice the price in their list is much higher than the real valued at the time


at this price we would sell it to everybody ...joke pricing ( or prices on top of the bubble here 5 yr ago)

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Ok to put it bluntley you would go to the land office after checking that the complex still has the ratio of 51/49 & when they realize a foreigner is standing in front of them expect no discount

Oh by the way Thai family members well in my wifes case IE: Uncle to Niece did get a discount on the Transfer fee 

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yes showed them.


and i  speaked to the boss of landoffice too ,and the lady frontdesk know me for 10yr

after i was asking a tax /lawyer office, with the same answer "its only on benefit of thai", but cant show me the law


yes if 2 owners in chanote , and transfer to only one "their is a reduced fee"( it would be 30% of the full fee)

if i would put in chanote instead of my name " 2names " - their is a reduced fee --for foreigener and thai !!--  but if cancell later the 2nd person out, the ir would be  a new fee , so at the end its the same ( wasmy first idea! but fee apply 50k instead of 150k - but if later cancell second name , fee would apply again, so it was no solution)


I tried even  a kaifak transfer to save the busissenes tax of 3,3% waht apply at the moment bcs holding less 10yr. tried to get a kaifak ,meaning the tranfer would be later, so i was think maybe come around this tax. NO way too... kayfak fees apply on the day of issuing the kaifak , and noton the day of ending of the kaifak , where it would be automaticly transferd)


here ist a tittle 100% foreigner transferd 100% to thaiwife


question again " IS THE LAW APLYING ONLY TO THAI ???"

without the excact law --stating foreigners are excluded"

can stop any discussion here............

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