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Help. Need to hire a full time driver


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My father is elderly with mobility issues but he is still working and a permanent resident. We are looking for a driver to assist him in taking him to work and back and also for shopping trips  and occasional long distance trips from Bangkok to surrounding areas. Overtime will be included as need. We already have a car. 


What would be a good starting point for hiring a reliable driver? Looking forward to some suggestions.


Thank you all.

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I would start with the local bike or car taxi guys, they usually have a bit of a network going, bike taxi guys can usually make a call and get you a car taxi or airport transport etc, they would most likely know other drivers looking for work etc. Or an add on Kaidee, bahtsold, craigslist etc

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Years ago, I would use drivers from Hotels and I really got lucky to find one who was great and underpaid. I offered him a better pay and better working hours. He ended up working 4 years for me. 

All the ones I have found on Craigslist and other sites turned out to be just unemployed guys trying to make a living without real prior experience. 

Since my driver worked for a 5 star hotel before, he knew how to behave, dress and handle certain situation. 


Good luck with your search but in my opinion your best bet is to find someone who is already working as a driver and pay him slightly more. I paid 18k/month in the beginning. At the end it was more + bonuses but well worth it. 

From 6am to 11pm 6 days a week. 

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