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Someone who could look after small breed dog in Bangkok

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Good morning to everyone,


   I am leaving Thailand in 5-10 days and i really need some good heart and help. I have small breed dog - Russian toy terrier, i came with him here from Europe and it seems that it would be a problem bringing him back to home. 


  I have the EU pet passport with all the vaccines requested, but i was not able to get my rabies certificate at home when i was leaving, i made a test before i left at the Vet clinc and they can now send it to labratory, but it could take too much time to get papers here. I am really in rush and i can't be here no longer. I was at the local airpot (Samui) showed the documents, they said that it is ok already and there will be no problem, but Samui is Samui and Bangkok is different, because there is no flight to Bangkok with dogs. This dog goes in the cabin not the cargo and they allow to travel like this only from Bangkok. I am trying to deal with everything today-tomorrow, will i be able to make it till im leaving or not.


  The thing is, if Samui airport will give all the papers that it is ok to travel with the dog, then i need some person to go with me to Bangkok airport and if they do not take him on the plane, then leave the dog to that person till all the documents are settled and the fly back after the dog after a while.


  He is seven years old russian toy boy. He is a palm dog, only thing he likes to do daily is to play with his teddy bear and sleep. But he has very rare been without me or without my girfriend (thats why we got him here) and it would be a death sentence to leave him at the airport or someone who doesn't loves dogs. It wouldnt be bad to go out with him one or two times a day or he can do his thing on the diaper. If someone that he can give helpful and trustful hand - please contact me. All the financial needs will be covered.


Thank you very much! 



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