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Are there any stylish , lightweight , breathable rain gear ?


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I am looking for  some nice rain gear ,  even a good material to have some sewn up ,


It needs to be breathable so you do not get sweaty in hot tropical  rain ,   which leaves the usual "plastic bag" look out :)


Maybe  2 styles ,  a long Trench coat that goes almost to your ankles , and a 2  piece  jacket and pants set.


They would go over your work clothes


There must be something out there ,  much of the worlds population  lives in  Hot and Rainy areas  and need to walk in the rain ,


At one time Gortex was the material  companies made rain gear out of ,  is there something better now ?


Thanks for your ideas


PS:  even when I go to Europe where it rains a lot , I see most people  wearing plastic type rain gear , you would think they would buy better gear if available



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