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Tesco Lotus focuses on meeting demands of today’s omni-channel shoppers

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Tesco Lotus focuses on meeting demands of today’s omni-channel shoppers 

By The Nation




Tesco Lotus, Thailand’s leading retailer, has outlined strategies that will enable the company to continue serving the country’s shoppers to the best of its ability in the new retail ecosystem. 


Due to the growth of mobile Internet usage in Thailand, the boundaries between offline and online worlds are become increasingly blurred. 


Customer behaviour has shifted towards people becoming omni-channel users, receiving information, conversing with brands, doing research, and finally shopping both in bricks-and-mortar stores and online, interchangeably. 


Mark Roughley, customer director of Tesco Lotus, said the new retail ecosystem was much more sophisticated than the old one, in which there were only three or four key types of player – product manufacturers, distributors, retailers and customers. 


Internet penetration in Thailand this year has grown to 67 per cent, from 56 per cent in January 2016, he said, adding that nearly 45 million Thais now access the Internet on their mobile phones.


Due to these trends, the customer journey has changed tremendously, and the new retail ecosystem now involves several parties and providers to facilitate the new customer journey and offer more choice. 


“We have been witnessing an increasing number of omni-channel customers. We know that for these omni-channel customers, convenience is king. And we also know that mobile and innovation hold the key to attracting and connecting with our omni-channel customers,” Roughley said, talking about the areas on which his company was now focusing in order to provide the best possible shopping experience in the new retail environment.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/news/breakingnews/30318621

-- © Copyright The Nation 2017-6-20
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