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How/when to renew thai drivers license?

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<font color='#000000'>T i T........i HAVE A LIFE LICENCE ...SINCE 2002...I am all farang</font>

Thai Driving License, Renewal of Thai driving license

QUOTE (opalhort @ Tue 2004-03-09, 22:53:57)

QUOTE (Nonsi @ Tue 2004-03-09, 16:15:53)

- if you renew your driving license a few days BEFORE the expiry date you'll get only an extension for another year

- if you renew your driving license a few days AFTER the expiry date you'll get an extension for another 5 years

By the way, the price was 505 THB for the 5-years extension.

there may have been a misunderstanding on your part.

I renewed my DL also at Dao Khanong last November four days before expiry and was asked if I like to have a one or five year DL. Of course I took the 5 years.

No problem and 505.-Baht was all I had to pay.


Reply by Dr Patpong Wed 2004-03-10, 09:34:03

Mine was a lttle early too...no problems...5 years and 505 baht

Wow! How many kinds of licences do you have Dr?

Was this a truck or motorcycle licence?

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The following appeared in Stickman's latest column:

"It's better to let it expire!

The new laws for drivers licences are in place. I had a 1 year that was due to expire on March 13th. I checked the week before and was told that I had 2 choices. If I renewed it then and there, I could get another 1 year. If I waited until it expired, I could get a 5 year license. Went in on Monday the 15th. Needed photos and copies of passport and visa. No residence certificate or doctor certificate. Costs were 505 baht for car, 255 baht for motorcycle. The new ones expire in 5 years, but they use your birthday as the expiration date, so these are good for 5 1/2 years. Ready in 1 hour."

Can anyone definitively confirm or deny this claim?

TIT I know, but the logic of the one year versus five years defeats me... :o

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It seems as if every office has its own rules. i went to the cha-am office and they didnt even look at my work permit- didnt care- just wanted my name on a house registration- my condo rental contract was not good enough. so i found someone to add my name onto their house registration. that, pp photocopy, 2 pics, doctors note and 500 baht for each (!!!- robbed i know, but didnt want to argue, just get out of there) motorcycle and auto and i was out in 20 minutes. i kept official copy of house registration for renewal.......

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