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Beware of Family Mart

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Family Mart on 4th floor far right of terminal near booksellers. Sunday night bought a can of beer with a 1000 baht note even gave the 5 or 6 baht to to even the change. Girl put the 1000 under the bill tray and handed me 50 baht change. " I gave you 1000 baht". Immediately, not even half a second delay and it was "So sorry".  Perfect scam must be a good earner. 

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What does often happen is transport drivers "no hab change" bs. So I break 1000 bills at 7-11s in Chiang Mai

all the time never had a problem. I got the short changed scam was in Waikiki, handed a girl a $50 

and she gave me change of a $20. Immediately apology.


Old grifter trick works both ways of course. At shops in Japan they put the bill on the register with a magnetic clip whilst making change.

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