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Need help for electrical set up


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I want to use about 50 000 WATTS of electrical devices (not over 2500 WATTS per device).


I'm looking for an office to rent, small warehouse or anything like this.


What should I look for regarding the electrical set up ?

What do I need to run all my devices 24h/7.


Best regards,

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You're going to need somewhere with an industrial type supply, 100A 3-phase, not going to be an office, more likely a factory unit or warehouse.


Also, 50kW running 24/7 is a lot of heat to get rid of and will cost about 5,000 Baht a day in power use.


But what exactly are you going to be doing that uses that much power in such small chunks?


Oh, and where are you needing to be located?


EDIT I see from your other posts this is likely to be a datacentre, add 30% to your power usage for aircon. What about backup power? Security? This is not really something you can set up in a warehouse.



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