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Growing Bush beans

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Hello - I would like to grow some beans but all my trellis are being used.  I bought a packet of bush beans since back home I grew them without anything to support them like a trellis or cage.


When I got home I noticed the picture on the packet was the same as the one in my long beans packet.  I definitely needed a trellis for the long beans.


Has anyone tried growing these here?  Any suggestions or tips?  Most importantly will they do alright if I just plant them in the ground with no support and let them grow?


Thanks for all and any help.


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I just noticed that there were no replies to this post. Here's something to start with:




It depends on the growth habit of the plants you have.  If truly "bush beans" then they can be grown without trellis, if you have ground space for some sprawl.


For Pole /vine beans it's easy to build trellis.  For my last pole bean garden I used 1/2 PVC irrigation pipe with slip fittings, because I had a lot on hand, but you can use bamboo or eucalyptus poles and lash them together, then string with nylon fishing line or netting.  

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