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  1. Speak to them and their response might well be 'but I'm on holidays'.
  2. Do you mean a PCR test just discover your 'status' at the time the swab is taken or Do you mean a PCR test for international travel? or ...........
  3. 'informal system' - interesting words, but the reality is that 'informal systems' are just a mask over 'I want what I want and I'm entitled to have whatever I want and screw the rights of the rest'.
  4. Ahh the informal system - the 'make your own rules' according to what makes you happy, screw the rest and ignore the rights of the rest. What a good idea. 'entitled foreigners' is not a valid point; people, all people, local/visitors/residents have an absolute right to object when their legal rights are violated.
  5. So I guess the shopkeepers building their perceived importance / status is more important than making it convenient for shoppers to park near their shop, buy stuff and bring revenue to the shops.
  6. If they own the land, but they don't it's public land therefore the public / all the public should have access as needed.
  7. "Postal service". Surely anybody would be expecting their test results by SMS or attached to an e.mail. If a paper copy is needed, print the e.mail attachment.
  8. But might not be easy to get a hundred airlines to agree to conducting this process, creating and lodging test reports etc. Plus I guess every person should be tested using the same tests. Again quite some administration work to continuously send/organize delivery to a hundred or more different departure locations, all within an expiry date, all in perfect order etc. And who disposes of the finished test materials? Perhaps all of the above means that Thailand would have to pay a fee for doing all of the above on all incoming flights. All creating more admin. work.
  9. Correction, to add - Writing (construction), and correction -Grammar (rules)? I wonder what was tested: - Reading proficiency? - Reading and comprehension proficiency? - Writing (construction) - Grammar (rules)? - Conversation skills? Or?
  10. I wonder what was tested: - Reading proficiency? - Reading and comprehension proficiency? - Grammar (alone)? - Conversation skills? Or?
  11. Sure, but it seems to me the gov't should insist that the appropriate agency get their act together to organize an Antigen test for all arrivals and a 5 - 10 minutes wait for a result at the airport. When the negative result is revealed the whole process is fully completed, no further steps. There's plenty of space at Suvarnabhumi airport to organize a process like this and no doubt hundreds of thousands of plastic chairs are available. They know well in advance the approx. arrival time of each flight then the actual arrival time. They have access to customer details.
  12. Thanks Joe, ultimately for arrivals at Suvarnabhumi: - Now to 15 Dec - current 'Thailand Pass - 1 night booked hotel including full PCR test. - From 16 Dec - new system, what it's called wait and see. PCR test replaced by rapid Antigen test. Where the Antigren test is conducted and whether booked 1 night hotel needed; wait and see.
  13. The Antigen (rapid) test is on arrival in Thailand, from/after 16 Dec 2021. Before departing for Thailand the passenger must have the full PCR test, conducted in the departure country, time gap swab to boarding not more than 72 hrs for some arrival countries and not more than 48 hrs for some other arrival countries. The swab test and report (in departure country) must be performed by a pathology lab which has an internationally accepted accreditation. Written PCR test report (or on screen) must be formatted according to WHO regulations. For the foreseeable future both t
  14. Some farang women and men use racial slur words about many people/societies/situations.
  15. Already announced in the headline which starts this thread, the new Antigen test system applies from 16 December.
  16. This part of the 'process' seems to be still under decision. On one fb page it says the passenger must go to a hotel to have the Antigen test but doesn't have to make a booking at that hotel and no need to stay at that hotel and free to move on as soon as a negative result is received (which according to one media report takes 5 minutes). What a puzzle. If it takes just 5 minutes surely there plenty of space for the test to be conducted in a structured routine /batches at the airport, which would mean the authorities have control over the tests/results. Would probably
  17. Or perhaps you should have told her you've had a Chinese boyfriend for 2 years.
  18. But if there were serious respected laws and very severe punishments for illegal sales and ownership of guns society would not need to see such incidents. No matter how you frame it, a society is much better off to not allow the public to own guns.
  19. The photo with the headline reminds me of when we took the staff (about 20 in total, all well experienced consultants) on a long week-end thank you retreat to the Sth of Thailand. Ninety % were educated abroad and had 1 or 2 masters degrees. The rest were well educated support staff. All spoke advanced/perfect English. The majority wanted to do a boat trip (ocean trip) about 1 hr from one island to another. Everybody agreed. The boat operator arrived with what seemed to be a strong and well maintained boat with a back up outboard engine, modern radio, and plenty of goo
  20. Some members might remember the news report about 2 maybe 3 years ago: a cop had resigned from the police, in Pattaya, to focus full-time on his illicit business of selling stolen or whatever handguns to Pattaya teenagers. In the previous 2 or 3 months he had sold 152 handguns and had a big stock for further sales.
  21. I would have serious concerns that all described is acceptable to the 'Thailand Pass' folks, and will be accepted on arrival at Suvarnabhumi airport by the 'Thailand Pass', health, immigration team.
  22. Also need to take into consideration: - If guest arrived at the 'Test and Go' hotel very late at night; is the swab test done immediately or is the test scheduled for the first testing time the next morning? - The 'Test and Go' I booked does swab tests 3 times per day: 09:00 to 09:15, result 5:00 pm same day then 12:00 to 12:15, result 20:00 same day then 18:00 to 18:15, result 10:00 am next day. Special booking for swab test (e.g. 19:00, 20:00, 21:00.....) is not available.
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