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  1. Just been listening to the BBC. Confirms this view. It is a mistake to prioritise the elderly most vulnerable. More effective if you use those limited vaccines to vaccinate the younger more mobile people. These will have the knock on effect of spreading less virus to the older people. A mixed vaccination approach will be most successful and reduce the chance of virus variant outbreaks. This is from an Oxford Uni epidemioligist.
  2. Mark-up of quality whisky is huge in Thailand, over 50pc above UK prices. However Johnny Walker whiskies seem to have the economy of scale in their favour so some prices are only a bit more than UK prices. Not that I recommend JW in general but their Green Label is a blend of four 15 year old Single Malts and is an acceptable dram for less than 2000 baht . Personally I would pay more for a Glen Scotia which I am told is still available in Bangkok. My favourite is the Glen Scotia Double Cask for about 2400 baht. (less than 40 quid in the UK)
  3. Using paint will just make the road surface slick as <deleted> and cause more accidents in wet conditions. Even walking across the road will feel slippery and dangerous in the wet. Unless they have thought out a suitable non slip paint to use
  4. Try a few cans of Tapper beer. Only 51 baht a can. Brewed in Thailand but as close to Speckled Hen or Old Thumper as you will get from a Thai brewer.
  5. Go and have a drink at the Bo Pen Yang (Laos version of Mai Pen Rai) bar. Climb to the 3rd (or 4th?) floor roof top bar and get great reception on your Thai sim card.
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