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Organic Farm in Thailand

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Dear friends
I am looking for the information about possibilities to organize organic farm in Thailand.
Can you provide me with information?
Can a foreigner open a farm to use it for our own needs and sell the rest of the crop?
Thank you in advance for the information

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Google 'organic certification Thailand' and there is a wealth of info and certifying companies.


As a farang you cannot 'work' without a work permit.


Our small 'organic' farm uses no chemical pesticides or herbicides and we sell eggs (no antibiotics), bananas, chillies, coconut, long bean, fish and hopefully this year, tomatoes.


We sell at a slight premium to people we know and they know 'no chemical'.


But commercially certified, no. Put it all in your wifes name.

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24 minutes ago, Sherkhan said:

Thank you for the information

Mate I forgot to say, good luck in your venture. Not easy to stick to your principles but worth it.

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