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Misters and microclimates

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My wife and I are developing a project North of Chiang Mai where the landscaping and gardens are both for our pleasure, and hopefully, to add appeal to a future business. We have put in the trees, currently mostly being watered with large sprinklers, and will have electricity soon. My question to the (sub) forum is whether it is realistic to create microclimates within the property using misters. Water supply is good, so it is not an issue of conserving water. Since we soon will have a lot of shaded areas, how can areas be created that will let us grow the kinds of plants that like a less hot and moister environment? I am familiar in general with greenhouse horticulture, so I know it is possible with an enclosed building. Don’t see either paying for those structures or wanting to cover a lot of space with them. How effective can similar set ups be in a shaded outdoor area? This could be an area under and surrounded by trees, or perhaps under a densely covered (with plants) pergola. And secondly, can you create microclimates that will let you grow some zone 13 plants in this kind of area? Elevation is 430 meters, I think it is zone 11 or maybe 12 with lowest temperatures probably around 4 degrees C, usually lowest would be 8-9 most years.

Thanks for your input!

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