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Things go pear shaped at The Phnom Penh Post


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Editor-in-chief, Kay Kimsong, business editor Brendan O’Byrne, and sub-editor Ananth Baliga are the first casualties at The Phnom Penh Post following its sale to Malaysian businessman Sivakumar S Ganapathy last week and announced over the weekend.

In a blistering memo reportedly sent this morning to The Phnom Penh Post office titled ‘Statement by Sivakumar S Ganapathy, owner of Phnom Penh Post (sic)’, Mr Ganapathy ordered the three be ‘terminated with immediate effect’.

Describing yesterday’s story on the sale of The Phnom Penh Post as bordering ‘on internal sabotage’, an obviously furious Mr Ganapathy said he considered the story ‘extremely damaging to the guiding principle of the purchase and takeover of the (sic) Phnom Penh Post’.

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From Twitter: It’s a Monday massacre at the @phnompenhpost. All editors have been forced out after refusing to take down our coverage of our sale. It’s still up so read and share.

But it doesn't say any more than what the newsite above published more than 12 hours earlier. River cruising instead of being able to be better prepared? Didn't Bill do you a big favor, not.

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