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Re-entering country on non O

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Just a quick question from reading another thread I did not want to hijack.


So I reenter the country, fill out the form with my address of nearly ten years. Arrive home, don't tell my (apartment) landlord I've returned and especially that I've left.


Is this a problem?? I've never had any issue coming and going and always done 90 day in person.


What's the nature and drama of people not reporting after 24 hours? Seems those upcountry bear the brunt also those living in houses.


Should I be telling my landlord to report my return to our flat?


How absolutely stupid. If 90 day wasn't stupid enough already.


Thank you

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It all depends on your local immigration office. In Bangkok, and a very few other offices, the TM-30 notification is not required. With other offices, you need to ask them their policy.

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So the TM30 is not the form I sign on entry, but additional form of notification after arrival which is what presumably hotels would fill out or myself would if I lived in a home.


Im in Bangkok so I guess I'm good.


Tell you what though, I'd book myself into a hotel first night on arrival just to save the hassle.


Thank you very much

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