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Academic Ranking of World Universities 2018 (aka 'Shanghai Rankings') just out today


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First the top twenty, then a LARGE gap, and then the Thai universities remaining about where they've been:


1    Harvard University
2    Stanford University
3    University of Cambridge
4    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
5    University of California, Berkeley
6    Princeton University
7    University of Oxford
8    Columbia University
9    California Institute of Technology
10    University of Chicago
11    University of California, Los Angeles
12    Cornell University
12    Yale University
14    University of Washington
15    University of California, San Diego
16    University of Pennsylvania
17    University College London
18    Johns Hopkins University
19    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
20    Washington University in St. Louis




501-600    Chulalongkorn University
501-600    Mahidol University
701-800    Prince of Songkla University
801-900    Chiang Mai University




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