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Anyone order their Urimax 0.4 (tamsulosin) from overseas?


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I ordered Urimax 0.4 (Tamsulosin) some time ago from India at a lot less than I paid in Thailand, but have lost the name of the company I bought from. Had no trouble importing it and paid no duty, so wondering if anyone else is buying from overseas?

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For any non-controlled substance:


1. It is technically illegal to import by mail unless you have an FDA import license, which you cannot get.


2. In practice customs usually lets small quantities sent by regular mail in with no issue.


They key things are: (1) small quantity and (2) regular mail. Never a courier, that will almost always end in it being held at customs with demand to see your import license and returned to sender or destroyed when you can't produce one, sometimes with a charge to you for "storage".


Controlled substances (narcotics, pyschotropics) a whole other matter and no one should attempt to receive those by mail, could lead to criminal prosecution.

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