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Top Reasons Not To Miss Wild Night Presents Australia’s Thunder From Down Under Live In Bangkok 2018!

Jonathan Fairfield

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Top Reasons Not To Miss

Wild Night Presents Australia’s Thunder From Down

Under Live In Bangkok 2018!





Bangkok 2018 – WILD NIGHT Presents Australia’s Thunder From Down Under LIVE IN BANGKOK 2018 @ Levels Night Club, August 29 – September 1, 2018. This August is going down right dirrrty.


It’s your day off to pamper yourself and let your hair down. What will you do in Bangkok? Meet girlfriends for drinks in Sukhumvit? Temple for the weekend? Attend a birthday party with big glittery balloons? Find a nice café to selfie and portrays your own glittery life on instagram? So Cliché - That’s 2017.   


2018 is girls’ night outback week at Levels Night Club. Featuring an all Aussie line-up, direct from Las Vegas stage, WILD NIGHT Presents Australia’s Thunder From Down Under Live in Bangkok, these masters of high energy entertainment have earned them a 20 years residency at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip – the only Australian act to enjoy this kind of longevity ever. They regularly sell out up to 13 shows a week and have performed to over 20 million women worldwide, sharing the Thunder experience throughout Hong Kong, Mexico, Canada, USA, Guam, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand. If you don’t know about the show, watch the 30 seconds Official Promo:




 Here are top reasons to experience Australia’s Thunder From Down Under, for at least once, twice, thrice, or many days of your life! You may wonder why you should attend – stop wondering- because, why not? Are YOU ready to be entertained?



Empowering Femininity

Bring out that fire in you! We’re grown strong women, old enough to take responsible decisions to explore different areas of fun! Showing up to an event that puts you completely out of your comfort zone is when you’ll grow. The live-production to Thailand was inspired by a 27 year-old woman who pursued an entertainment industry catering to a female-centric society. Bottom line, it’s a fun high-energy live stage production, nothing more and nothing less.




You can attend alone.
No friends? No problem. From 2017 tour, we’ve seen a surge in ordinary women going alone to see the show, simply because their friends weren’t ready. Don’t let other people’s decisions get in the way of creating experiences within your own life. There are plenty of other girls looking for a screaming partner.  


Choreographed Dancing Six-Packs
Imagine 6 tanned, chiseled bodied imported professional male performers moving before your eyes. Extraordinary, ultimate, and unable to be rivaled – Australia’s Thunder from Down Under is all about this and so much more. But it has to be experienced to be believed. This fully choreographed 75 minute stage show is a costuming and audio visual extravaganza. This is Las Vegas on stage-except live in Bangkok! Need we say more?




Real Crowd Interaction

Performing is their specialty and the beloved audiences take full advantage of letting their hair down and kicking their heels up. Each performer embodies a different female fantasy in performance dance routines and brings it to life, turning your wildest dreams into reality. Equipped with cheeky humor and boy-next-door charm, this isn't the type of show you just sit and watch - Thunder is a fully interactive experience.  The chiseled bodied blokes performed their way through into the crowd and even select a few lucky ladies to join in the fun on stage. Here’s a tip if you want to get dragged on stage for a blown-out-of-the-world experience, wear pants.

WILD NIGHT For The Community

We partnered with real community of women who has real interests into female-centric live productions. With our community partners such as ilikefarang and hawtsome guys facebook community pages, we’ve received tremendous support, comments, and demands into the needs, or the lack of entertainment for women.


The Ultimate Princess Treatment

Thunder boys are trained to please. Undeniably, there is a wild side to each and every one of us. At the show, it is YOUR night, and with any special occasion you deserve to be treated like a princess, if not a queen! Expect to be kept on your tiptoes, because Australia’s Thunder From Down Under is ready to rumble you in all the right places. Did you know, you can sit in a photo session with the boys after the show? The exclusive night out with your friends has just been upgraded!




Southeast Asia’s # 1 Girls’ Night Outback - Guaranteed!

Look no further than this, simply this is the ONLY girls’ night out professional live-production ever been played in South-east Asia! Levels Night Club, the leader in high-end luxury nightlife, guarantees ‘FIN’ on your overall clubbing experience for the whole week of ‘GIRLS’ NIGHT OUTBACK’ with the world-class Las Vegas performers, Australia’s Thunder From Down Under. Schedule it in, the end of August will be a crazy wet n’ wild ride of your life, mate!




For more information on the show;

Organizers: YSIS Entertainment & PMD+

Tickets available on www.ticketmelon.com/event/thunderbangkok
Follow www.facebook.com/wildnightasia

Booking: +66834443063, +66858319858


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