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BTS Issue on Friday?


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Hi all,


Anyone know what was up with the BTS on Friday?  Around 7pm I took it from Thonglor to Phrom Phong and our train kept stopping between stations.  When I got off I could see it was because we were pretty close to the train in front, it was maybe 100m ahead and could see there was another not too far in front of that.  And looking back there was another train about 30m behind us, and one behind that just a little further.  The opposite platform (going towards Samrong) was absolutely rammed and I couldn't see any trains going in that direction, and they had stopped people going up to the platform.  Obviously some earlier disruption had caused a massive backup.  Anyone know what it was?


Picture taken at Phrom Phong, going towards Asoke, note the second train waiting just behind.  Never seen them so close before.



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