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Ma Na Der Cafe


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Guys; just a heads-up really.

A new Coffee outlet opened about a month ago just south of Keung Nai, Ubon about a kilometre north of the Big Buddha.

Superb location, coffee and food. Well worth the trip

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For a coffee bar with a difference, if you like cats try Cat Nap Cafe in Warin off the Sisaket Rd in the region of Warin General Hospital. Google it (or PM me and I'll add details). Crawling with rescue cats and kittens. Free lint roller use thrown in!  A bit of a pong in there so you have to be a catlover (or tolerant for the sake of younger family members who are, in my case!).


I suspect that I now face a regular diversion of my normal route into Ubon every time my 8 year old daughter is in the car.

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